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Questions You Always Wanted to Ask

My Gift of Mikvah loves answering every question you have.
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  • My husband travels a lot for work. What if my husband is away on mikvah night?
  • How do I manage to keep my marriage flourishing during the days that we are separated physically?
  • I was told that niddah means “dirty” or “second class” by my friends. Is this true?
  • This all sounds beautiful to me, but my husband will never agree to this. How can I do this?
  • I’m post-menopausal and have never been to the mikvah. Can I still go?
  • The closest mikvah is an hour’s drive. Can I just use my bathtub as a mikvah?
  • My husband’s love language is physical touch. How will restraining for twelve days work for our marriage?

These are just some of the many questions that come our way – you may have some, too!
These questions, and many more, are answered in depth at our workshops and on our online courses.

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