Important Covid guidance for mikvaos

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Start With The Micro by Miriam Lipskier

Hope for the Jewish Nation by Adina Stilerman

Sarah Esther Crispe on LOVE

Mikvah Tour in Reno, Nevada

Chana Weisberg on Relationships

Why you can NOT use your pool as a mikvah- Full Video

Acts of Service – Goldie Plotkin

Sigy Laredo – Water Keeps Us Alive

Happy wife – Happy Life. Mrs. Chaya Reich

Rochel Goldbaum – Keep Your Eye On The Goal

Adina Stilerman – Waters of Renewal

Jamie & Ilana Cowland – Marriage Workout

Rochel Goldbaum – Love, Don’t Judge

Rochel Goldbaum – Delight in the Differences

Rochel Goldbaum – Making a Million Dollar Man

Elevating our Relationships by Chana Carlebach

Taking Care of our Needs by Chana Weisberg

Reconnecting to the Garden of Eden by Chana Carlebach

Miriam Lipskier on Fusion of our Relationships

Miriam Lipskier on Desires in our Relationship

Eve Levy – Waters of the mikvah

Reinventing Ourselves – Shoshana Kay

Chana Weisberg – A Wife’s Greatest Complaints

Marital Harmony by Sarah Karmely

Goldie Plotkin – Preserving Our Marriage

Goldie Plotkin – Intimacy and a Mindful Marriage

Goldie Plotkin – The Gift of Mikvah


Celebrate your Inner Spirituality

We can all picture the image of the spiritual guru sitting on top of a mountain meditating peacefully, not a soul in sight, not a sound to be heard. Even the crickets and birds seem to know to be completely quiet and still. To be honest, I can't r...

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Rejuvenate your Marriage

When I was a new bride - starry eyed, idealistic, and "gaga" over my new groom - an older married friend of mine put her arm around my shoulder and took me for a walk. She wanted to prepare me for what, in her opinion and in her own personal experien...

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What I finally Learned at My Daughter’s Chuppah

It happens at every chuppah. After the bride’s encircling of the groom seven times, after the recital of the special blessings, after the ring has been placed on her finger, there is a few seconds of collective silence in anticipation. Then ther...

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One of My Favorite Teachings from the Talmud

One of my favorite teachings from the Talmud is a marriage-related lesson. Aside from its psychological insight into how men and women operate differently, I love this teaching because it sheds a world of light on how to behave toward people in gener...

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