Important Covid guidance for mikvaos

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What is a mikvah?

Mikvah is a Divine gift given to the Jewish women. Mikvah is recognized as the most essential component of a Jewish community – taking halachic precedence over even a synagogue and religious school. Mikvah is at the core of our Heritage – connecting our People’s past, present - and, most of all, our future. The mikvah experience is beautiful, empowering, transformational and connecting.

We can unwrap this gift together at first– exploring and understanding more about how this deep, meaningful experience can improve our lives, enhance our marriages and empower ourselves.

In the literal sense, “mikvah” means a gathering of fresh, natural rushing waters. Their beauty, vibrancy and rejuvenating powers are timeless. Immersing in them – full body and soul – is potent.

However, the contemporary mikvah does so much more. These premises combine the natural and spiritual wholesomeness of mikvah with the beauty of contemporary décor and the amenities enabled by modern technology. Walk into the newest mikvahs sprouting across the North American map and you’ll simply be stunned!

Every community sees its local mikvah as a source of immense pride. Its leaders and residents are committed to making the mikvah experience as beautiful and enjoyable as possible. Each mikvah visit is individually scheduled and fully discreet. A friendly female attendant is there to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible and to offer helpful halachic guidance.

Traditionally, a woman makes her first visit to the mikvah right before her wedding, the perfect opener for a life full of love, intimacy, and emotional connection. Subsequently, mikvah visits take place following each menstrual cycle, specifically after the special seven-day cleansing period has concluded. Once she emerges from the waters, she and her husband begin their next chapter of marital intimacy with an incredible level of enthusiasm and meaningfulness in their relationship.

It is never too late! Even if you’ve missed out for any period of marriage, the mikvah waters are waiting to welcome you. Go ahead and start now.


The Power of Mikvah