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The Jewish woman is upheld, honored, and respected in Judaism. She is seen as a person of strength and power, with G-dliness and a wellspring of potential. She is nothing less than an incredible, miraculous being, nothing short of a wonder woman in her capacity to love and create, nurture, and connect to greatness.

As Jewish women, our femininity is our greatest gift. G-d, Who created us and knows us better than we know ourselves, set us up with the greatest Divine gifts possible. He gave us the gift of renewal, hope, and transformation. G-d knew all too well what tremendous givers we naturally are so He gave us the gift of time, connection, and self-care as part of the package. Every month we get to slow down, nurture ourselves, and reclaim our power.

Join our journey and unwrap this gift.

My Gift of Mikvah

Enhancing my marriage. Empowering me.

My Gift of Mikvah is a women’s initiative to create global awareness and appreciation for the waters that have so warmly caressed women for generations. Our leadership and presenters are diverse, vibrant, down to earth, and inquisitive – just like you! – and they hail from across North America and Canada.

We love hearing your questions and perspectives. We love sharing our own emotions and personal experiences, as well as those of the thousands of women like you that we’ve been talking to – and, even more so, listening to. We hope you enjoy our trove of attractive, forthright, and easy-to-understand resources on the topic of mikvah. Please peruse this website and reach out to us!

Over 200 community workshops already held. Over 100 community presentations a year currently scheduled. The number of conversations and life transformations spurred? Countless.

The My Gift of Mikvah movement is
making waves across the continent.

There is a magic to every My Gift of Mikvah conversation: It’s the revelation that touches the heart of every woman. You will want to learn it; you will want to experience it. We’re here to listen and support you every step along the way.

America is dotted with beautiful, comfortable, and contemporary mikvahs across the map, in communities large and small – with dozens of additional ones currently under construction. There has never been a better time for you to consider testing the waters of this movement!