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Mikvah mentor

What is a Mikvah Mentor?

Well, it’s kind of like your own personal tour guide. Or like a coach. Really like a close friend. Actually, it’s all three rolled into one!

Connect with a Mikvah mentor to begin your confidential and personal journey towards Mikvah observance. This can be virtual, from the comfort of your own home or live one-on-one. This is an opportunity to explore these ideas with an experienced Mikvah educator.

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Get paired up with a Mikvah Mentor and finally learn one-on-one with an experienced and knowledgeable Educator.

Learn together on zoom, phone, or in-person, and all free of charge!

Mikvah Welcome package

After you learn together, you are eligible to gift your mentee a beautiful Mikvah Welcome package specially designed for women new to Mikvah.