Discover an ancient Jewish tradition that never gets old

Mikvah is more than a mitzvah, it's a mindset.
It's about connection to ourselves, to our Creator, and to our spouse.

Unwrap the Gift

Mikvah is about keeping the connection alive between a couple and it's about hope for the future. Each month we get to pause, nurture ourselves and reclaim our power.

Mikvah is a gift wrapped in secrecy because of its intimate nature. Let us journey to unwrap this mysterious, enchanted, and beautiful gift of Mikvah.

Introducing A Taste of Mikvah Video Series

The first professional video series of its kind.

Join us on a journey to discover what is Mikvah, how it works, and why it's been valued since the beginning of time.

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Enroll in our one of a kind 10 week teacher training course and learn how to present the mitzvah of mikvah to those who are learning about it for the first time.
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Want to learn about Judaism's best-kept secret?

Choose your own experienced Mikvah Mentor and take Mikvah from theory to practice. Learn together on zoom, phone or in person and all free of charge.

My Mikvah Mentor made me feel comfortable asking a million questions and I can honestly say I looked forward to learning with her each week. She is so knowledgeable, down to earth and cool.
Gaby a bride from Florida
Eye opening and unexpected!
Carly, Atlanta
I would never have felt mentally prepared for my wedding without your help! This should be mandatory for all brides.
Rebecca, Phildelphia

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